“Library Neutrality as Radical Practice”

From The Canadian School Libraries Journal:

Neutrality as a Radical Act

“If neutrality in librarianship really means not being intellectual freedom activists, then it has no place. But I contend that the notion of neutrality does have its place in library ethics. Understanding where that place resides is key.

The Canadian Federation of Library Association’s Code of Ethics (2018) clearly associates the notion of neutrality with personal integrity. An unbiased stance is required regarding collections, access and services. “Librarians and other information workers distinguish between their personal convictions and professional duties. They do not advance private interests or personal beliefs at the expense of neutrality.”

The code does not clearly define neutrality, and that is where I think some work must be done. However, it does associate neutrality as essential to specific practices, defending the core values of equity of access and intellectual freedom.

Written by Anita Brooks Kirkland.

Worth a read. It’s from last fall, but the debate, obviously, continues.


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