Project: Codifying Into Law Mandatory Institutional Neutrality for Agencies Using Public Money

I’m going to an event soon at which there will be a ton of state legislators present. Before I go, I’m going to draft a brief paper in which I suggest that any publicly-funded library must demonstrate in policy that all of its facilities, policies, programs and collections adhere to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and state public accommodations laws. I’m going to suggest mechanisms whereby public library collections can be quickly assessed for bias and balance. I’m going to suggest public libraries must adhere to a policy of viewpoint neutrality as defined by 60+ years of cases and suggest it be enforced by law. I’m going to suggest that libraries which have discernible political agendas detectable by reasonable people lose any and all state-level funding.

I suspect that my state will end up a pioneer in this regard, because I am a very convincing speaker and writer and the law is on the side of neutrality. I suspect the idea will spread to other states. I’ll keep you posted.


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